Free Shipping* is available on all orders within Europe

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Free Shipping* is available on all orders within Europe


Ever saw Buchecha, Cobrinha, the Mendes brothers or other big names compete and thought to yourself, "How cool are those gi patches!? I want one of those!"

Well, now that's possible with our custom gi prints...


T-shirts or other clothing for your gym? Look no further, we've got you covered.

All our printing is done inhouse by us using quality products, inks and equipment.

Free Shipping* is available on all orders within Europe

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Estilo Black Label

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Introducing the Estilo Black Label, the latest iteration of Tatami's longest running Jiu Jitsu Kimono. The Estilo was first launched in 2010 and helped to propel Tatami to its position of the number 1 global Jiu Jitsu brand. Spanning over a decade of development and improvement the Estilo Black Label is the finest BJJ Gi Tatami has ever produced.

Many of the features of the Estilo Black Label make it the ultimate Jiu Jitsu Gi for jiujiteiro of any experience level. High quality embroideries adorn the shoulders of the jacket and outside leg areas of the pants. The new Estilo logo and the Tatami Katakana have been placed on the jacket and pants to add a subtle hint of aesthetic charm. A sublimated neck yoke and side vent lining adds to the premium qualities of the Estilo Black Label, along with printed cuff and jacket taping along the periphery of the kimono. The weight of the jacket and pants remains the same as all other Estilo models, like it has been for over a decade.The Estilo Black Label continues to incorporate Tatami Y-Vent© technology, providing a full wrap around of the jacket and optimum fit.

The Estilo Black Label sizing chart has been slightly tweaked to make the fit better across all sizes and to align with other Tatami Gi models.

  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave jacket
  • 12 oz canvas pants
  • Inside Sublimated Neck Lining
  • Unique Y-Jacket Vents

*Includes a FREE Tatami mesh gi bag

What size do I need?
Size Weight Height
A1 154 - 170 lbs 70 - 77 kg 5'5" - 5'7" 165 - 170 cm
A1L 154 - 170 lbs 70 - 77 kg 5'7" - 5'9" 170 - 175 cm
A2 170 - 192 lbs 77 - 87 kg 5'7" - 5'10" 170 - 178 cm
A2L 170 - 192 lbs 77 - 87 kg 5'10" - 6'0" 178 - 183 cm
A3 192 - 220 lbs 87 - 100 kg 5'10" - 6'2" 178 - 188 cm
A3L 192 - 220 lbs 87 - 100 kg 6'0" - 6'4" 183 - 193 cm
A4 220 - 253 lbs 100 - 115 kg 6'1" - 6'4" 185 - 193 cm

*Please follow wash and care instructions to ensure the longevity of your gi

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